This class is amazing! I am able to keep fit and have lots of fun whilst my baby sleeps in his buggy. A perfect combination. Lianne is lovely too, she knows exactly how to make the class work for you and your baby x
— Verity Darbyshire (Billericay).
I have done Super Abs & Bums classes and Buggy Bootcamp with Lianne (several times) and loved them all!! She is a wonderful instructor, making it fun and suitable for all fitness levels. All the women I have met through the classes have added hugely to the fun! At the end of a class I always feel better and at the end of the abs course my separation had improved greatly. Lianne puts a massive amount of thought into each session and though she does love squats (!) she makes each class different and interesting. I will 100% come back to Lianne’s classes and would recommend her to any mum looking for a confidence boost, a gradual return to fitness or just for a few hours of fresh air with like-minded Mums! It’s been brilliant Lianne, thank you! Xx
— Briony Hitchen (Chelmsford).
I’ve been attending Lianne’s Buggy Bootcamp classes at lake meadows since January with my son (& his buggy!!). The classes are great fun, Lianne always tries to mix it up so you do something different each week to keep you on your toes. The exercises are always safe for mums to do and there are always alternatives if there is something you’re uncomfortable about doing for any reason. I was really nervous going to the first Class on my own as I didn’t know anyone else there but Lianne put me at ease & I found the other mums in the class really chatty & friendly ☺ Give it a try, I’d really recommend!!
— Victoria Jones (Billericay).
My first Bootcamp in Maldon I was so nervous I didn’t know anyone I was 4 stone overweight and very unfit. With your amazing support and classes I’ve regained my confidence I’ve found a new love for exercise and I’m returning to work in my pre pregnancy wardrobe after losing all of my baby weight. Words cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for me I’m going to miss your classes xx
— Ellie Chamberlin (Billericay, Chelmsford & Maldon).
Lianne is an excellent trainer, the classes are great to fit in with being a mummy as you take your little one(s) with you. Although i was nowhere near body confident after baby no.2 meeting other mums and getting out of the house really helped me. My little boy loved being outside watching all the mums and took quite a shine to Lianne! :) I did 3 blocks of 6 week outdoor Buggy Bootcamps and are now starting my first indoor Abs and Bums block.
— Laura Anne Graham (Chelmsford).
I thoroughly enjoyed Lianne’s Buggy Bootcamp and Super Abs and Bums classes and loved that I could take my son with me. Lianne is lovely and adapts anything you struggle with. Highly recommended. I really miss going.
— Carrie Small (Billericay).
Buggy fit with Lianne was an enjoyable way of getting up and out and meeting new mummies. It got us out the house and I felt so much better for the exercise, and having a little me time without the need for a babysitter. I also attended her abs and bums class which was very good too, it was a shame to go back to work and have to miss out. I’d recommended to all.
— Karen Grant (Chelmsford).
I was very nervous when I started, but I have done Buggy Bootcamp and Super Abs classes 5 stars plus. I have to say they are both just great, all the girls are friendly and you do have such fun. Lianne is just fantastic and should be so proud, super friendly, super kind and super good!!!! I would have continued with her classes but I will be returning to work, I have learnt so much and enjoyed all of it, even the sore days. I Can’t thank Lianne enough and go on girls!!! Xxxx
— Joanna Saunders (Billericay).
I loved doing Lianne’s Buggy Bootcamp class. It’s difficult to find a fitness class that fits around having a baby this class is perfect. Lianne’s mixture of enthusiasm, friendliness and slight craziness makes for a very varied and motivating classes! She is always encouraging and offers plenty of alternatives for this with injuries or weaknesses (such as those pesky pelvic floor muscles). If your nervous about getting into exercise I highly recommend this class, meeting other mummies in the same situation has been great. Also a screaming baby doesn’t deter Lianne from making sure you get the most out of the class, she will often help with rocking and feeding a little one if she needs to! The classes are also value for money which is very important when you on maternity pay, highly recommend!
— Melissa Hale (Chelmsford).