We run two different classes throughout the year to provide a complete fitness package. Both our classes are designed for postnatal mums and use safe and effective exercises suitable for all levels of fitness. Come join the fun with other mums at Buggy Bootcamp and Super Abs & Bums!



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A super upbeat class! Buggy Bootcamp is a great way to get fit with baby and other mums. The aim: to get the body functioning properly again, improve fitness and strength, lose baby weight and tone up, and of course have fun! There is lots of variety, including circuits (with equipment and without), boxing sessions, team exercises and power walking to light interval training. Each exercise can be adapted or changed to suit all fitness levels, a weak pelvic floor/prolapse or old injuries. All mums will have tummy separation (diastasis recti) to some degree and we avoid any exercise that risks worsening the separation. During the class, you can attend to baby at your leisure. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a feed, nappy change or a cuddle, just hop back in when you're ready!

Our Buggy Bootcamp classes are held in six week blocks at a cost of £39 (£6.50 per class).




A more chilled vibe! This class helps to decrease the tummy separation (responsible for the 'mummy tummy' appearance) and strengthen the pelvic floor, back and bottom. During pregnancy our exterior tummy muscles separate to make room for baby and we lose a lot of core strength. It is very important to do the correct exercises safely, AVOIDING exercises such as sit-ups and crunches that do A LOT of damage and make the separation worse. In this class we go back to basics to nurse the muscles back together and restore function and strength. We dedicate half the class to these important core restoration exercises and the other half to mini circuits that vary each week. And as always, when you need to attend to baby, take your time and continue when you can!

Our Super Abs & Bums classes are held in six week blocks at a cost of £39 (£6.50 per class).